Commodore 64 Diagnostic Harness

$49.00 USD

This diagnostic harness will help make sure that your Commodore 64 is performing up to spec.

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Here’s what’s included in the kit:

  • User port loopback plug (in easy-to-insert angled case);
  • Cassette port loopback plug (in easy-to-insert angled case);
  • Joystick switching adapter (w/ case);
  • Serial port loopback plug;
  • Keyboard loopback plug;
  • 3.5mm wind-up cable to go between cassette plug and joystick adapter;
  • No messy wires or multitude of cables;
  • Fully supported by Commodore 586220 diagnostic software;
  • Cases made of sturdy 3D-printed ABS.

Does not include BackBit cartridge which supports diagnostic software (available for purchase separately).

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Weight 6 oz


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