BackSID™ (6581/8580 SID replacement)

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At long last, the BackSID is now back in production!

The 6581/8580 SID is very fragile and can be damaged easily. They are also very expensive on the open market. BackSID replaces the essential functionality of the SID, offering a faithful reproduction.

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Replace your missing or broken SID with BackSID™ for Commodore 64/128:

  • Acts as fully compatible replacement for the 6581 or 8580 SID chip in all C64 and C128 revisions;
  • Sound is faithful to the original SID and gives correct intonation on most classic games;
  • Loud, clear, and punchy sound will not disappoint;
  • Supports analog & PWM potentiometer reading, allowing proper functioning of paddles, mice, koala pads, and diagnostic harnesses;
  • Configurable settings, including overdrive, filter mode, and smoothing;
  • Firmware is upgradable by running a program file from your Commodore 64/128;
  • Note: The infrequently used audio passthrough feature is unimplemented.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

2 reviews for BackSID™ (6581/8580 SID replacement)

  1. Wade Havens (verified owner)

    This is an awesome chip. It’s the only one I’ve seen that sounds great, is cheap, and offers potentiometer inputs. Unfortunately I need three more and they’re not in stock as of 9/22

  2. John Anderson (verified owner)

    The BackSID is working great with my modded C64 music machine. In particular, my Vishay potentiometers work nice with this kit. Cynthcart and MSSIAH cartridge work great, supporting the pots. The firmware .prg was easy to copy over to my Kerberos cartridge and I updated to 2.0.1 with no problems. Extra settings in the firmware .prg are a really nice touch too. LOVE IT !

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