BackSID™ (6581/8580 SID replacement)

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The 6581/8580 SID is very fragile and can be damaged easily. They are also very expensive on the open market. BackSID replaces the essential functionality of the SID, offering a faithful reproduction.

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Replace your missing or broken SID with BackSID™ for Commodore 64/128:

  • Acts as fully compatible replacement for the 6581 or 8580 SID chip in all C64 and C128 revisions;
  • Sound is faithful to the original SID and gives correct intonation on most classic games;
  • Loud, clear, and punchy sound will not disappoint;
  • Supports potentiometer reading, allowing proper functioning of paddles and diagnostic harnesses;
  • Configurable settings, including overdrive, filter mode, and smoothing;
  • Firmware is upgradable by running a program file from your Commodore 64/128;
  • Includes socket for soldering to motherboard or as a “buffer” with an existing socket;
  • Be very careful when removing BackSID from socket, as it is very easy to bend pins. Recommended removal method is rotating a flat-head screwdriver, alternating from top to bottom, to ease out gently;
  • Note: The infrequently used audio passthrough feature is unimplemented. PWM input for the potentiometers is also unsupported at this time (i.e mouse/koala pad support).

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