CornBit™ (Programmable ROM)

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ROM failure is a common problem in Commodore 64 and related machines. Named in tribute to the KERNAL it’s meant to replace, CornBit™ is a 100% compatible ROM replacement for 2364 (8KB) ROM chips (i.e. BASIC and KERNAL ROM in the C64 breadbin or VIC 20). Compatibility with 2332/2532/2732 (4KB) and 2316/2716 (2KB) ROM chips is possible, depending on how your Chip Select pins are configured (chip is selected on pin 20, and jumper can be soldered to enable output on pin 18 or 21). In editions of the Commodore PET that use the 2316, the CornBit™ can be used while leaving the adjacent socket empty. The CornBit™ works great as a character ROM replacement in the C64 as well.

What’s more, the CornBit™ has 4 different “slots” activated by DIP switches. Use them to have an all-in-one BASIC/KERNAL/Character ROM replacement, multiple character sets, different KERNALs, etc.

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The CornBit™ is not intended as a facility to transmit copyrighted content. Please do not purchase CornBit™ if you intend to use it in a way incompatible with copyright law. Please inquire if you need a specific configuration. I will not program them with content that violates copyright.

If you have the BackBit Chip Tester, the CornBit™ is fully reprogrammable with four 8KB ROMs of your choice. This is made possible by the extra pins that hang over on either side. The extra pins only take up a few millimeters of space, so they should not get in the way of other components. The included socket will made them even more likely to fit perfectly in your particular configuration.

Default Configuration:
Slot #1: C64 KERNAL ROM
Slot #2: C64 KERNAL (BackBit Enhanced)
Slot #3: C64 BASIC ROM
Slot #4: C64 Character ROM

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