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The BackBit Chip Tester ups your game with vintage computer diagnosis and repair. Tired of playing a guessing game with swapping chips? Don’t want to risk putting bad chips in a good machine (and vice versa)? Want to do as little desoldering as possible? Then the BackBit Chip Tester is your solution.

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See complete documentation here.

The Chip Tester features: (bold items are new for Pro version):

  • Tests 5V digital logic in DIP socket chips up to 48 pins;
  • Normally closed socket makes stronger connection than ordinary ZIF sockets;
  • Clamping diodes on every pin protect against under and over-voltage conditions;
  • Firmware upgradeable with tests added based on user requests & feedback;
  • Confirms working chips to help narrow down problems;
  • With additional accessories, capable of diagnosing chips in-circuit to help you decide which chips to desolder (see below for details);
  • Supports testing 5V logic of chips in a wide variety of machines;
  • Capable of “ripping” ROM chips to Micro SD card (card not included);
  • Pays for itself when it helps you rescue a machine you’ve given up on;
  • Sturdy “sammiched” PCB case with 3D-printed buttons and standoffs;

Accessories included:

  • Power cable, USB A male to A male type (you must provide your own USB charger; 2A or more recommended).
  • Jumper wires to hook up power & ground (these make it possible to test chips that use power or ground on any combination of pins).

About in-circuit testing:

  • Signal contention is common for in-circuit tests and may require a PrivateEyes test chip (available as part of PLAster for testing a C64 longboard);
  • Testing in-circuit requires a test plan for consistent test results (see documentation for available plans);
  • There can be a steep learning curve for getting started with in-circuit testing, so please post a message on the BackBit forum and I will help you with any issues you encounter;
  • Test clips and associated adapters/wiring are not included (you must purchase 3M or similar 0.3″ and 0.6″ width DIP IC clips with minimum pin count for the chips you want to test);
  • If you use a larger clip that overhangs a chip, the tester can be configured to test at different vertical offsets;
  • WARNING: DO NOT USE for in-circuit testing while machine is PLUGGED IN, as this can damage the tester permanently.

Optional accessories available for purchase:

Recommended accessories to test in-circuit (not sold by BackBit):

IC Test Clips (this is the minimum set to be able to easily test most DIP chips)
*make sure you do not get “nail head” clips as those don’t attach to jumper wire
*if you get a 24 or 28 pin clip, make sure to get the wide one, i.e. 0.6″ width
*these are much cheaper used or new old-stock on ebay

Jumper Wire
* use male/female extension wire; any square pin wires with 2.54mm spacing should work;
* best to get configurable-sized headers like these, as single pin jumpers tend to get jammed with so many in a row; you just use a few of these for each side of the junction, i.e. 2x 10 pins for the 20 pin clip, 4x 6 pins for 24 pin clip, 4x 10 pins for 40 pin clip, or other combinations will work: or

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4 reviews for Chip Tester Pro

  1. David Ziegler (verified owner)

    Got mine today!! Serial number 17!! Looks to be a fantastic piece of kit! Seems to be quality everywhere on this device! Did some test and the results are proper. What a fantastic device!! Thanks for creating this! Now I just need to get some test clips and test that piece.
    Thanks So Much Evie, you are awesome!!

  2. Dan Goswick (verified owner)

    Got Serial number 1! I really like the quality and effort put into this product Evie. Great job! I’m excited about the potential to add many more chips from other systems. It would be cool if there was an easy way for us end users to set up test scripts. Nice work!

  3. Raj W (verified owner)

    Serial number 62 (so close to 64! haha!) Very easy to setup and makes chip testing a breeze! The results are clear and accurate. Thank you for making this Evie!

  4. Dean Jenkins (verified owner)

    Serial number 277. Evie releases firmware updates roughly once a week with support for more ICs and improvements to testcases. I am keen to use the tester to test the chips in my non-working Commodore 64 (breadbin) which died about 30 years ago! I have tried several times in the past to fix my C64. Now I have the tool to make my diagnostics more effective. Thanks.

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