BackBit Cartridge (Commodore 64/128)

$89.00$99.00 USD

The BackBit cartridge for the Commodore 64/128 combines the best features of other storage devices available for your vintage hardware, all in one sleek package.

In development for nearly a year, BackBit is a masterpiece built on intelligent firmware. It’s like iTunes for your C64. Just put your content on a Micro SD card and play instantly! Watch my YouTube video series Evie’s Revue¬†or visit the BackBit Forum for more details.

The BackBit Cartridge (Commodore 64/128) features:

  • No cables during regular usage!
  • Supports common file formats, including D64, D71, D81, CRT, T64, PRG, and P00.
  • No cryptic commands to learn or multiple buttons to guess at using. One button does it all!
  • Never wait for loading, never swap a disk.
  • Instantly go to BASIC, start coding, and save to virtual disk with no setup.
  • Rip & Burn to/from a real 1541 disk drive
  • Built-in compatibility with most IDE64 releases
  • Real-time-clock remembers date & time even after shutoff
  • Works in C128 slow mode
  • Can act as a DEAD TEST or DIAGNOSTIC cartridge — no need to purchase separately!
  • Presentation mode turns BackBit into a game system fully controlled by a joystick
  • Versioning system saves progress points in disk-based applications & games

Includes USB Cable for firmware upgrades, and case uniquely designed for your BackBit cartridge:

  • Protects bare cartridge from static electricity;
  • Snug fit protects delicate components from damage;
  • Allows easy access to all functions;
  • 3D printed in sturdy ABS.









Does not include SD card (available for purchase separately).


Additional information

Case Option

Red, Black, No Case


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