PLAster™ V2 (PLA replacement for C64 U17)

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The U17 PLA is the most common chip failure in earlier Commodore 64 revisions and can result in a black screen.

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Replace your PLA with PLAster™ for Commodore 64 U17:

  • NEW! Version 2 adds “Private Eyes” test functionality (via DIP switch) for use with BackBit Chip Tester;
  • Acts as fully compatible replacement for the U17 PLA chip in most breadbin/longboard revisions including a few very early C64C models;
  • Fully compatible with Super Zaxxon and Epyx Fastload cartridges
  • Works in revisions 326298 (original), 250407 (A), 250425 (B), and 250466 (B3);
  • Not compatible with short boards, i.e. 250469, since those have a 64-pin mega-PLA;
  • Configurable CASRAM delay of 25 or 30ns with DIP switch;
  • When C64 version is used in conjunction with BackBit cartridge, allows for software controlled KERNAL replacement (with DIP switch setting);
  • Includes socket for soldering to motherboard or as a “buffer” with an existing socket;
  • Be very careful when removing PLAster from socket, as it is very easy to bend pins. Recommended removal method is rotating a flat-head screwdriver, alternating from top to bottom, to ease out gently.

About “Private Eyes”: When used in conjunction with the BackBit Chip Tester for in-circuit testing, allows for more reliable testing of chips on the data bus, incl. CIA, RAM, ROMs, and SID.

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